Spectrum South

Spectrum South is a Texas-based online magazine focused on queer southern identity and culture. Below is a sample of my work. 

Rebel Mariposa Creates Vegan Tex-Mex Eats and Queer-Inclusive Nightlife at La Botánica

La Botánica, a vegan eatery and bar, is defying norms in the San Antonio restaurant scene. In a city that loves queso-filled Tex-Mex food and in a state that boasts damn good barbecue, La Botánica offers an alternative option with Mexican-inspired, plant-based food created by queer chef and co-owner, Rebel Mariposa. “I’m not trying to do the status quo,” Mariposa says. “I’m trying to shake things up in a good way, in a healthy way, and bring different food to my hometown.”

Jotxs y Recuerdos: Podcast Archives Queer History in the RGV

For many queer millennials, taking selfies can be a form of resistance. In a time when queer people are still discriminated against and denied legal protections, documenting our existence is vital to controlling our own narratives. But what was it like for LGBTQ people before photos could be readily shared and made visible on social media? Their pictures—which were often the only proof of them living their queer truths—must have meant something so much more.

L Style G Style

As Associate Editor at L Style G Style, I wrote feature profiles of gay and lesbian leaders and their straight allies in Austin, TX. Below is a sample of my work.