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Lupe Valdez Is a Gay Latina Running for Texas Governor; That’s Something at Least

Lupe Valdez is a trailblazer. When she was first elected Dallas County Sheriff in 2004, she defied the odds and became the nation’s first Latina lesbian sheriff, and also the first Democrat to take the post in over 20 years at the time. When she won the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Texas, she became the first Latina and first openly gay person nominated by a major party for governor. Now Valdez is going up against well-funded Republican incumbent Greg Abbott in next week’s general elec

Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills Get A Makeover into “Privacy Acts,” Take Hold in These Six States

With just a few days into the new year, lawmakers in six states have already introduced new bathroom bills they’re calling “privacy acts” and ensuring we have a long year of battles ahead of us. Republicans in Alabama, Missouri, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas and Washington are fueling an anti-trans agenda that has gained momentum over the last couple of years and contributing to a long history of stifling the rights of trans people.

Aquí Estamos: Organizing the First QPOC Conference in the Rio Grande Valley

Aquí Estamos is Spanish for “we’re here.” It was really important for the Aquí Estamos team to declare their presence as queer people of color not only in the Valley but in Texas and the U.S. It’s not surprising to find queer events in large urban cities where many queer people live but many don’t expect to find queer events in the South and in a conservative, rural-like area like the Valley. The team wants to undo those assumptions and make it known that there are queer people on the border.